Personal statement examples: The Challenges of Joining a Progressive Organization

I am always looking forward to expanding my horizons and challenging my preconceptions. Looking back at my professional and educational career, I have always been on the lookout for opportunities that are closely aligned with my personal goals. It is important for me to pursue opportunities that will make me a better person and a productive member of society. Initially, I thought of this attitude as self-serving on my part, but I realized that this is simply a way of challenging my limits and satisfying my endless curiosity about the world I live in. It is something I will never stop doing.


I. Introduction

A. Raising the limits of what I can do by joining your organization.

B. Credentials as a source of pride and motivation to do better.

C. I am chasing this endeavor simply because it affords me access to many tools to help me further mature as a professional. This opportunity is simply too interesting to ignore.

II. My achievements so far

A. I have studied well during my time in school. I never ignored the fact that the hardwork needed to get through the challenges was to be rewarded by me becoming a more mature and knowledgeable individual.

B. I have been part of many situations where my integrity has been challenged. I have always risen above the challenges and failures I have encountered in the past because I considered these events merely as stepping stones to a better future.

C. My interest in this chosen field should prove as evidence that I believe in the concept of contributing back to society.

III. Compelling reasons to join this outfit

A. Field of study – The learning concepts presented in this environment is a perfect partner to how I want to pursue further study in this field.

B. Environment – location is everything to me. This institution allows me to maintain an ideal work-life balance.

C. Quality – Your reputation is something to be admired. I would like to be a part of that.

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