Personal statement sample: Getting Ahead with the Right Education

I have explored many options as far as my college education is concerned. I have looked at several institutions in many cities. At this point, I’ve learned to maintain a pragmatic view regarding education. I believe studying in a university is a serious commitment, but it shouldn’t prevent me from spending time with my family or for my personal needs. Fortunately, I am now in a position to apply for an institution that will offer me the best of both worlds. That institution is ___________. I am relishing the thought of getting quality education, but still have enough time to work on my own goals.


I. Introduction

A. The difficulties of getting accepted into a college or university.

B. Pursuing advanced studies will be a lifetime goal for me.

C. I have chosen this path simply because all the elements needed for a productive stay in college is present if I’m accepted into your institution. I’m also interested in the fact that your curriculum matches my interests very well.

II. My history and background

A. I have been an active and committed member of all the schools I have attended. This is simply how I’ve conducted this aspect of my life.

B. I’ve had first-hand experience sharing my knowledge with children through teaching. This is something I want to continue in the future.

C. The experiences I’ve had in the past have only reinforced my determination to continue with this exciting field of study.

III. Studying at ____________

A. Fields of study – Your curriculum meets my educational requirements and is surprisingly aligned with my ambitions.

B. Place of study – The convenience your institution provides in terms of location is simply wonderful. I am already looking forward to touring your campus.

C. First-rate education – The quality of education your school provides is well known.

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