Radiology as a Rapidly Advancing Medical Field

Popular culture currently regard diagnostic medicine as an exciting area of health care. As for me, I have always considered this specialty interesting simply because of its pro-active position in medicine and its contribution in preventing, more than just curing, illnesses. Advancements in this field are simply too overwhelming to ignore, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there will come a day when diagnosing diseases won’t be a hit-or-miss affair anymore. Radiology can offer visual cues needed to solve to all those puzzles affecting correct and timely diagnosis. Through this, proper care and cure can be administered readily to patients whose lives hang on a balance.


I. Introduction

A. Radiology’s importance as a subset of diagnostic medicine.

B. Contributing to the advancement of diagnostic techniques and procedures is a goal I look forward to achieving.

C. I am pursuing radiology as a specialization because its future will never be in question: technology will always find better ways of identifying illnesses before they can affect a patient’s quality of life.

II. Academic history

A. My academic records will attest to the fact that I’m dedicated to advancing my knowledge about the medical field.

B. Excellent academic performance is always something one can be proud of.

C. I have always been interested in breaking through the abstract wall separating radiologic theories and our understanding of the technical nature of this field. There is so much more we can learn about the practice of radiology.

III. Medical school: a practical choice

A. Reputation – your institution should provide me with all the necessary skills to achieve my goals.

B. Location and facilities – there have been many logistical issues that I have been concerned about in choosing your institution. Your location and environment simply meets all of my requirements.

C. Quality – the reputation of this institution is enough reason for me to seriously pursue my studies with your school.

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