Mathematics as the Core of the World’s Foundation

Numbers have always been my strong point. Even through my learning years, I have made it a point to focus on subjects concerning numbers, paying particular attention to topics like Accounting, Math and Economics. It has always been my belief that these subjects or rather, the proper manipulation of numbers is the core of many life necessities today. Each time I find myself being confronted with a particularly hard number problem, going back to the basics is the approach I take, a method that have proved useful for me over and over again. My mindset is that complex mathematical problems should be approached in a way that makes the most sense to a person. No matter how convoluted a particular problem becomes, the basics would always be the solution choice that would hold the best answers.


I. Introduction

A. Numbers and the use of numbers being the core element in today’s society.
B. Utilizing the basics of mathematics as an effective approach in solving complex number problems.
C. Understanding the complexities of each mathematical equation and breaking it down to basic and non-complex ideals to solve the most complicated equations.
D. My aim is to pursue more knowledge with regards to Accounting with the goal of achieving higher education excellence and widening my horizons pertaining to the subject matter.

II. My achievements as a student

A. As a student, I have graduated with a Higher Diploma of Applied Science in Business Administration in Accounting.

B. During my learning years, I have attained a GPA of 3.43.

III. Why I chose this school

A. Curriculum – __________________ offers a highly competitive curriculum that would allow me to explore my subject of interest while providing the most important elements for achieving my goals for higher education.
B. Environment ? the school provides the perfect environment both academically and physically, inspiring me as I work towards achieving my goals.
C. Quality of Education ? The school is widely known for giving its students high quality education, able to compete in a globally challenged market.

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