Los Angeles Valley College’s Lion’s Den Housing Applications

Los Angeles Valley College is relying on pure technology when it comes to its applications. The Lion’s Den, which is found on the Cafeteria Building, is now housing several computers that can be used by applicants to apply for admissions and for current students, to add and drop classes. The computers are available for the convenience of the applicants and the college students.

Schedule of the Lion’s Den

Admission applicants, however, have to know the schedule of operations of the Lion’s Den, if that is where they want to apply. They should note that the Lion’s Den is open from 9 am to 4 pm during Mondays to Thursdays and from 9 am to 2 pm only on Fridays.

Using the Lion’s Den computers

For applicants who do not have access to www.lavc.edu outside of campus, it is best to come early to use a computer in the Lion’s Den. Since no paper applications are accepted, so applicants must find a way to apply for admissions online. In which case, the Lion’s Den computers have been set up for the convenience of applicants with no computers of their own or Internet access. Even adding and dropping of subjects are done purely online. Students who are adding subjects, however, have to present an add permit granted by the instructor. ADA accommodations are also available to applicants and students with disabilities.

The use of computers to apply for admission at an academic institution can speed things up provided that the system has been checked for and relieved from bugs. The Los Angeles Valley College has prepared computers for the application process. This facility will specially cater tot hose who may not have an Internet access outside of campus. The school has prepared facilities that applicants and students with disabilities may be able to use to make the process more accessible.

Photo Credits: Collin Knopp-Schwyn

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