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McCombs is a business school located at the University of Texas at Austin. The school of business administration was established in 1922, decades after the University of Texas at Austin was founded. The school was named after the businessman Red McCombs after he donated $50 million to UT Austin in May 11, 2000.

Degrees offered

McCombs School of Business is ranked on top of the list of excellent schools for business in the US. Its programs are ranked high on many business school reviews. The school’s program include undergrad, graduate, and doctoral programs. Each program offers various courses.


McCombs has produced many notable alumni, not just in the field of business but also in other areas. Among the famous graduates of the school is Gary C. Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, Thomas O. Hicks, the owner of the Texas Ranger, and Donald Evans, the former US Secretary of Commerce. ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva ’68 & ’69 is also an alumnus of this business school. The co-founder of Clear Channel Communications and co-owner of San Antonio Spurs, and the name sake of the school, Red McCombs is also an alumnus.

Rankings and reviews

The programs at McCombs are among the top business programs in the country. The undergrad program for accounting and the graduate program for accounting are both on the top ranks according to the US News. Its Marketing and Management programs are also on the list of the best business programs in the whole of the United States. The University of Texas at Austin, in general is one of the high ranking academic institutions in the country.

Admission tips

Because McCombs is one of the most competitive business schools in the US, applicants should have an excellent school record in order to be considered for admissions. Aside from that, applicants should also ace the entrance exam and interview with flying colors. Because the business doesn’t accept summer or spring applications, applicants should only apply during fall.

For applicants who are postgraduates, the school prefers those who have a minimum of 2 years work experience (full time).

Admission facts

Admissions to this business school is highly competitive. As a matter of fact, only 1,375 applicants were admitted out of a total of 6,391 applicants in 2009.

Contact info

To learn more about the school, you can visit the official website at For the b-school admissions, you can contact the representative by calling (512) 471-5921. For sending mails, the mailing address is 1 University Station, B6000, Austin, TX.

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