University of Illinois Career Fair Held to Promote Graduate Schools and Programs

The University of Illinois had helped made the annual Graduate and Professional School Fair possible. The Career Fair was sponsored by the University of Illinois Career Center, which took place in Illini rooms A, B, and C. The career fair, held last October 6, 2010, featured not only graduate and professional programs from the University of Illinois but also those from other universities and colleges all over the country. Members of the Career Fair Outreach Team said that the fair was really designed to promote various schools that offer higher education. The fair is also offering upperclassmen a glimpse of the programs in the graduate and professional levels. Even sophomores managed to mingle during the fair to have an advanced look of what could be ahead academically.

The format of the event

Using the three Illini rooms, booths were set up to provide information about a wide variety of disciplines, from architecture, medicine, and psychology to education and journalism. There are many other graduate programs on exhibit to provide visiting students with a wide range of choices. They do not have to feel limited when it comes to their higher education choices. There were 125 booths all in all.

Relationship with visiting schools

There are some repeat visiting schools, such as the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism. The school is also offering a new program, the Integrated Marketing Communications, which is a more business-oriented version of journalism,. The school’s representative, William Kartsimas, said that though the school is not able to visit all career fairs all over the nation, it takes time to visit the University of Illinois’ career fair.

Clearing admissions process doubts

Some students say that the career fair helped them know more details about the admissions process in the graduate level. This gave them insights about graduate school admissions. They could even start early with the preparations, such as gathering requirements.

Photo Credits: Raymond Cunningham

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