San Diego State University Application Guide

San Diego State University is a public institution. Located in a suburban area, it is one of biggest campuses in California and one of the largest universities in the state. It is also one of the more popular state universities, with a good number of students enrolled in its undergraduate degrees. The university uses a semester-based academic calendar. Among the pioneering efforts of the university, which was founded in 1897, is the first women’s studies program in the US in 1970 and also the first MBA in Global Entrepreneurship program in the country. Its Master’s in Public Health program is ranked number 2 by physician executives.

Degree offered

The university is divided into several colleges:

* College of Arts & Letters
* College of Business Administration
* College of Education
* College of Engineering
* College of Health & Human Services (and Graduate School of Public Health)
* College of Sciences
* College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts
* College of Extended Studies (and American Language Institute)

Of the majors offered in SDSU, the most popular in terms of student enrollment are:

* Business, management, marketing, and related support services
* Social sciences
* Psychology
* English language and literature
* Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies

Application requirements

Here are the requirements to be submitted by prospective students who want to enter SDSU as incoming freshmen:

* Accomplished application form, which can be either submitted to the university’s admission office (the form should be requested from the office) or done online through the application website for California State Universities,
* Results of standardized tests (SAT/ACT):
* TOEFL/IELTS – for students whose first language is not English, results should be sent directly to the university’s admission office
* High school transcript, which the school should directly send to SDSU

Admission tips

Applicants are required to pay the university $55 as application fee. This fee can be waived though, should a student opt to apply for a waiver.

The most important considerations for this university in accepting a student are the accomplished application form, the standardized test scores such as ACT or SAT, and the applicant’s GPA. As with all California state universities, the consideration for the applicant’s GPA depends on a formula available in CSUMentor’s GPA Calculator. The major that the student is applying for is also considered, such that an applicant applying for entrance in a science program should have high averages in his or her high school science subjects. The criteria are explained in detail in the university’s admission website.

Admission facts

According to the 2010 data gathered by Forbes magazine and Us News and World Report in their annual college ranking:

* Of the applicants for admission in 2010, only 44.0% were admitted, a substantial increase from 2009 acceptance figures. 27 percent of those accepted eventually enrolled in SDSU.
* 15% of accepted applicants submitted their ACT score, while 85% of accepted applicants opted to submit their SAT I scores:
SAT Scores:
* Composite Range: 940-1160
* Verbal: 482
* Math: 500
* 50th percentile for the SAT scores: 890 – 1080
* 50th percentile for the SAT – Math scores: 450 – 550
* 50th percentile for the SAT – Verbal scores: 430 – 540
ACT Scores:
* Composite Range: 20-25
* English: 20
* Math: 22
* Composite: 21
* 50th percentile for the ACT scores: 18 – 24
* 50th percentile for the ACT – English scores: 17 – 24
* 50th percentile for the ACT – Math scores: 18 – 25
* Average secondary school GPA for current freshman class: 3.0

Contact info

A number of avenues are ready for applicants and prospective students of the San Diego State University where they can readily get more information about application, admission, and general college life once they get in. Here are some of the ways to know more about the university:

Address: San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7455
Phone number: (619) 594-6336
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:

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