Applying to Western Michigan University

In 1903, Dwight B. Waldo founded Western Michigan University. The public university was known then as Western State Normal School, and in 1927, the school was renamed as the Western State Teachers College. It went through another name and status change in 1941, becoming the Western Michigan College of Education. It was not until February 26, 1957 that it became the state’s fourth public university. As expected and suggested by the change to university status, the academic institution is no longer just a teacher training school. It is now home to several other programs, including a thriving aviation program. Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation is among the nation’s largest aviation programs. The school is also home to the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Degrees offered

One of the best things about a university starting off as a school for teachers is that you should expect instruction to be given priority. High quality instruction this time is no longer just used for training would-be teachers. It is now used to train students under several other programs. As mentioned earlier, aviation and medieval studies are just two of the university’s better known programs. The university also offers engineering, visual arts, education, sciences, theater, languages, public administration and many other competent programs. You are bound to find a program that suits you. If you want to better appreciate what the university can offer, you may go for education, aviation, engineering, medieval studies, and the like.

Application requirements

– Filled out application form
– $35 application fee (with fee waiver for students with financial problems)
– Personal statement
– Letters of recommendation
– High school transcript
– SAT or ACT scores from testing center or with high school transcript

Application tips

Western Michigan University is not as selective as some top public schools. It accepts about 85% of applicants. Still, most of its admitted applicants have GPAs of 2.5 and over. Only about 2% have between 2.0 and 2.5. Those who managed to be accepted with GPAs below 2.5 but over 2.0 must have other qualifications that still manage to put them over the competition. The University also does not discriminate against applicants of a certain race or religion. However, it does prioritize students with advance placement (AP) classes, great GPA results, and above average standardized test results. It would also help if you have some volunteer work experience, actual work experience, and outstanding personal qualities or talents. With so many applying for freshmen admission, you need to be able to stand out.

Admission facts

Admissions data as of 2008:

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 85%
Test Scores — 25th/75th Percentile
ACT Composite: 20/25
ACT English: 19/25
ACT Math: 19/25

The above are just averages. Students with lower and higher scores have been considered for admission as well. However, other qualifications are referred to in order to finalize the decision.

Contact info

Office of Admissions
1903 W. Michigan Avenue
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5211 USA


(269) 387-2000


(269) 387-2096


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