Perfect Way to Get Rid Of Smoke and Soot after Fire Damage

Fire Damaged HomeFire will always leave in its wake things like soot, smoke, ashes and charred items. You should never hesitate to get rid of these things towards timely home restoration once the fire is put out. If the soot or smoke is left to linger on for too long, it can penetrate into the walls of the home and the place will stink of soot for a very long time to come. The stink can also penetrate into other items in the home and it will be rather difficult to get rid of the stench from the home. So, you must get down to work as early as possible. So, how do you remove soot, smoke and ashes in the home and get the place resorted? Some of the important things to do will be looked into below.

Let professionals handle it

If the truth must be told, it is always better to hand over the fire damage cleanup to professionals in this aspect. They have been operating for several years and would have developed adequate experience over the years. They can bring their experience to bear on your needs and help to remove the smoke and soot within the shortest time period. They can also help in extinguishing the fire, no matter how extended. Just give them the job today and you will never regret it. They can help to save those items in the home that are yet to be touched by fire and get rid of the ashes in the most professional manner.

Get it done yourself

If you do not like handing things over to any professional but would rather get down to work by yourself, you can as well get down to work and get the home cleaned by yourself. How can you do this? After the fire had been put out, remove the charred woods and the ashes without delay. Timely action will help protect the other items in the home from getting burnt. All the items that might have been burnt or charred must be discarded to ensure the soot stench does not linger on in the home. Afterwards, wash the walls using special cleaning solution. There are some factory-made soot erasers that can help remove soot from items in the home, be it wood or concrete.

Many of the cleaning solutions can also be used on fiberglass and plastic materials. They do not only clean the home, they also help to deodorize it and refresh the odor in the home. However, not all the cleaning solutions have universal cleaning effect. This is why you must read the directions to know what material range a particular leaning solution can be used on.

Protect yourself

Make sure you put on protective clothing before you start with the fire damage cleanup. Put on a protective overall, a pair of gumboot, hand gloves, and protective eye glasses. A face mask will also prove to be a perfect addition as it will help to protect your respiratory system from taking in smoke, which may lead to unconsciousness.

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