Step-by-step Tips for Renting an RV

Renting an RV should be a very fun and rewarding experience. RV travel combines excitement and convenience like no other kind of travel can. A great success, there are a few things you should know and think about ahead of time in order to make your RV rental. Things like what kind of RV to rent, how to find a campground, and what sort of fuel milage to expect.  Here are 18 if our top tips to help you get ready for the best RV experience that is rental.

  1. Book Well ahead of time

We can’t stress this one enough. Nothing will put a damper on your vacation plans quicker than finding out there are no RVs to rent during your intended time frame. Whenever it comes to RVs that are rental there was more demand than there is supply. You will  need to book months, or even up to a year in advance. Keep this in brain, particularly when a trip is being planned by you during the summer, holiday period, or winter school breaks. RVshare’s streamlined messaging and payment systems make booking an RV rental easy  to do quickly. Book at the earliest opportunity to increase your chance of getting  the RV you want, whenever you are interested.

  1. Make Fully Sure Your Re Payment is Secure

Putting down a large deposit over the phone or through the mail is nerve-racking, and rightfully so. We hear tales of scammers renters that are swindling of deposits and re payments by asking them to send in money through the mail, or give credit card information throughout  the phone. Ensuring your payment is secure should be a priority that is top. You can be confident in the security of your payments, as they are backed by our $10,000 Peace of Mind Guarantee when you pay online through RVshare.

  1. Look Into RV Rental Roadside Assistance

At RVshare, we understand that emergencies like flat tires can happen. That’s why in need of a little help on the side of the road, we’ve got you covered if you find yourself. RVshare offers 24/7 roadside assistance with every rental that is scheduled through our platform, which means  you travel the road that is open self- confidence.

  1. Compare Pricing

It’s an excellent idea to make inquiries on at the very least five RVs that interest you in order  to compare prices that are best. RV rental costs will vary by size and sort  of RV, location, extent and distance of the trip, and season. The more RVs that you inquire on, the greater amount of pricing options you will need to choose from.

  1. Insure Your Rental RV

Proper insurance is just a must-have when leasing an RV, which is why RVshare Rental Insurance is offered to owners at no cost. RVshare offers you probably the most RV that is trusted insurance coverage in the globe. Coverage extends through all 50 states and Canada for the RV renter, the RV owner, and the RV itself. With RVshare Rental Insurance you’re covered not only for basic comprehensive and collision, but for Acts of God as well.

  1. Choose the Best Size & kind of RV for Your Needs

RVs come in every kinds and sizes. Some are perfect for a couple who want  to explore country that is winding, while other people are more suited to large families who will drive long distances on the interstate. Before you commit to  a rental RV decide just what size and type best fits your preferences.

The four basic RV types are:

Class A: This all-in-one RV usually has a lounge and dining area, kitchen area, bathroom with shower, and separate bedroom. Numerous have slide-outs that increase the inside space. Perfect  for large families and other groups who need  large amount  of room.

Course B: Sometimes called a van transformation. A Class B is a full size or extended van with an increasing roof. Most are outfitted with basic kitchen appliances, a bed/dinette combo and quite often a toilet.

Best for couples or singles

Class C: This RV is created for a vehicle chassis by having a cab that is extra the driver’s compartment. This space houses the bed in most models. Most course Cs have a dining that is separate, kitchen, and bathroom. Usually the dinette converts into  a bed for extra space.

Perfect for families whom may not need to invest in the more expensive size of the Class A

Travel Trailer: An RV that you pull by having a truck. Travel trailers come in all sizes from tiny 10’ compact trailers all the way up to 40’ long trailers. Interior features vary widely based on size. For a mid-size trailer (25-35’) you can expect a lounge, dinette, kitchen area, restroom, and separate room. It is important to ensure that there is a automobile effective at towing the type of trailer you wish to rent.

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