Understand the difference between standard Fit-to-Fly Certificates and COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificates

What are COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel certificates and when are they necessary?

Several airlines require passengers to make proof a recent negative test that is COVID-19 flying. COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificates are proof that you have tested negative for Covid-19. It’s not associated with your threat of flying due to your pre-existing medical conditions. You are able to get a free nhs test for corona virus at a test site near you if you’re showing symptoms of corona virus. Nonetheless, COVID-19 tests are unavailable on  the NHS for the purpose  of international travel. In this example tests that are private be performed. What exactly  are standard Fit-to-Fly certificates and whenever will they be necessary?

Standard Fit-to-Fly certificates are proof that a GP has deemed it safe so that you can travel. It means a GP assessed your pre-existing conditions that are medical your pre-existing health conditions will perhaps not be adversely affected by flying.


Airlines may necessitate A fit-to-fly that is standard certificate you are:


  • recently discharged from a hospital
  • recovering from an operation
  • a lot more than 28 months pregnant
  • travelling for medical reasons

Certificates are essential for travelers with a wide selection of conditions from broken bones to infectious diseases. Therefore, you may desire to consult the airline as far in advance possible.

Pregnant women will need a certification to travel with most airlines after the 28th week of pregnancy. Either your GP or midwife will need to verify that:


You’re healthy

Your pregnancy is normal the date that is expected of

Some airlines may also require you and/or your GP to complete a far more form that is in-depth your condition. British Airways are one particular airline, and often seek clarification on whether you travel with medical products or need oxygen that is additional. So be sure  to start this process far in advance of departure for reassurance. The expense of A covid-19 fit-for-travel certificate

The price of COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificates varies. Private GP services such as DocTap charges £129 per person for Covid-19 PCR fitness and test to travel assessment from a physician.

The cost of a Standard Fit-to-Fly Certificate

The price of A fit-to-fly certificate is dependent on your GP surgery. The price can differ significantly dependent on your region.

These fees may be available on your surgery’s website but typically are priced between around £20-40.

The British healthcare Association (BMA) posts a variety of suggested charges which doctors can  use to price their services.

Just how long is the COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate valid for?

Your COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate is just valid for a time that is short your airline and destination will have unique needs. It’s therefore essential to check the demands and  take your test within the desired time period. For lots more information,  click right here.

The length of time is your Standard Fit-to-Fly Certificate valid concerning?

Your certification must indicate you  are Fit-to-Fly at the right time of the trip. So a letter from six months ago may possibly not be suitable.

If you experience a long-term issue then this certificate will likely require become updated each time you travel. As your condition might have changed, the airline could not enable you to definitely board.

Hopefully, we’ve cleared up any concerns that you could have!

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