Secrets of a Well Written College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay can be a daunting task. There are rules you have to follow, research to do, and revisions to make. However, if you just take into consideration some helpful tips, writing a college application essay can be less tedious. One Life One Mic shares some helpful tips on how to write your college application essay.

Start early with your personal statement writing

Don’t wait till a month , a week, and two nights before your application is due to figure it out. By the end of junior year, your mind should be on these questions, spending the summer in self-reflection. It takes a lot of care to craft a good personal statement – carefully choosing words, creating a solid structure, and especially figuring out what you want to say. That being said, you’re probably reading this when it’s already too late. I’ll see what I can do.

Starting late will leave you no time for editing. You also have to make preparations by gathering enough information about the school to help you craft your admission essay according to its requirements. If you start early, you still have time for revisions as well, enough to make your personal statement beyond average.

Be conscious about the different elements of writing

You need to be conscious of the different writing elements when you write your application essay. These include your:

1) Diction
2) Syntax
3) Organization
4) Imagery

These are the basic things you have to be aware of when you are writing your personal statement. A lot of people overlook these essential factors and solely focus on content and topic generation. Bear in mind, however, that errors in any of the elements mentioned above will affect the meaning and clarity of your college application essay.

Here’s a tip on checking for grammar and other technical issues of your personal statement:

Have your statement checked by a teacher, counselor or other adviser for spelling, grammar and clarity.

Letting others read and comment on your essay is a great way to free it from errors. As the writer of that essay, sometimes, you tend to overlook basic errors in technicalities. This is why it pays to solicit other people’s view of your essay. Ask them if they understand your point clearly.

If you want to make it to your chosen school, write an essay that is error-free and persuasive. To give you enough time for drafting and revisions, start early. You also have to watch out for the technical details often overlooked by most writers.

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