FELPS as the Catalyst in Dissolving Social Inequality

My involvement with the training and supervision of a Community Education staff and peers has given me an accurate perception of how far- reaching social inequality has become. The lack of understanding, as well as the lack of catalysts for those new ideas is one of the roots that have consistently plunged society into a state of unrest. The deficit is not so much as in the number of willing followers but in the number of willing leaders who would start the change towards a world free of cultural biases. The obvious lack of people who have the mind, the background, and the willpower to initiate this necessary step has so far been ignored both by society and the ruling masses.


I. Introduction

A. The impact of social inequality to today’s community from both the upper and lower classes
B. Pursuing the search for a qualified leader who would start as well as lead people into making the changes necessary for the betterment of society as a whole
C. My aim is to develop further understanding with regards to social inequality and its impact on masses as well as creating a catalyst that would head the change

II. My achievements

A. As a student, I have graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with interests in Human Rights and Social Inequality
B. Currently dealing and supervising the training, evaluation and oversight of a Community Education staff, some of which include Outreach Workers and Peer Stipend Workers.
C. Engaged in and implements Quality Assurance activities such as monitoring and reviewing of ongoing programs.
D. I have had experience when it comes to organizing events and schedules pertaining to Peer Education activities.

III. Why I chose this organization

A. Common Goals – the fellowship or program effectively implements ideas toward goals that I firmly believe in.
B. Integrity – the institution behind the fellowship has allowed for transparency that cultivates honor among its ranks as well as provides a level of confidence from those who are involved within the outfit.

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